::thankful november & the beginning of magical december::

as we wrapped up november yesterday and i take a look back at our month... i'm overwhelmed with how blessed we are! november was truly amazing! as i sit here typing with Harper spinning in my belly, a lovable puppy-dog at my feet, and a husband... well he's just always amazing ♥ i cannot help but be a little awestruck at God's hand in my life. i'm so thankful that he continues to take me and put me where he wants me, to discipline me, and show me his grace on a daily basis!

rob and i have been so blessed to spend our four day weekend together, shopping, preparing for Harper, and spending quality time with family!  we headed out on black friday as well as saturday to start our Christmas shopping.  we got an ok start...but most of the items we found were for our sweet baby girl.  she truly consumes our minds and hearts! we'd go our own directions in the stores mostly...and it would never fail, when we would meet back up, we would both have a couple gifts and things for Harper! needless to say, we are pretty excited about our sweet daughter's arrival!

we are SO close to having her nursery finished! we need to hang her name and pick up book shelves (spice racks) form Ikea, and get a changing pad. and then i do believe we will have everything! so excited to post pictures of the finished nursery!!!

december really is the most magical of months! well, for one it is my birthday month ♥ as well as our nephew, Levi's birthday month! not to mention it is the month we celebrate the most important birthday of all... Christ our Savior!

so here we are, at 30 weeks, heading into the most magical time of the year!! at 30 weeks, my app says Harper is the size of a head of lettuce! her brain and lungs are what she's working on over the next few weeks until we get to meet her! ♥ it is so hard to believe we are days away from our 8th month! this week i need to call the hospital and register for pre-registration.  we have a big form to fill out with all of our information and birth plan. i'm slightly tempted to just write "wing it" in the birth plan description! for being the planner that i am, this is one thing that i find i cannot plan for.  i've never given birth before, so how should i know? i'd like to see if i can handle the pain before sending for an epidural, granted, i'm fairly certain an epidural will be sent for... but like i said... can i just wing it?! ha! i do know that i want it to just be rob and i in the delivery room, and that i want it to be laid back and low key... like us.  another reason that i feel an epidural will be sent for! ;) i'd like to be able to rest, play cards, hang out and just enjoy the time.  in my family, the labors tend to not be too long or too bad. i'm hoping i got those genes!! as a pregnant lady, people often ask, "are you scared, nervous, etc?..." my response is always no.  from day one i've chosen to stay in denial, ha! why stress out about something that i cannot control or that HAS to happen.  it's not like i can say, oh never mind... i don't want to do this pregnancy/birth thing anymore.  the way i look at it, it's one day.  one day of quite possibly the hardest work i'll ever do, but after that we get to hold our precious girl & keep her forever! and that, that is worth any of the impossibly hard work i might have to put in!

Happy December everyone!!! Look for a Christmas Decorating post from us soon!! Today is the day!... the tree and decoration boxes are coming out of storage!!! ♥

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