snow days, chili, frosty, & family

snow dumped on the front range region this week... leading to leaving work early and enjoying a beautiful snow day at home on Wednesday!  we invited Matt&Leah&kids over for chili & a christmas movie!

the Christmas Magic continues...

my drive home... 

"you can't have my christmas cookie, but here, take a coaster..."

this kid... those pigtails are just too cute for words!

yes, this also happened... Levi's Christmas Movie of choice!

teaming up on dad!

my Thursday morning... snow day, stayed home for awhile before heading into work ♥

the snow is sticking around, as the temps are staying SO crazy low!! negative temperatures and even lower windchill.. which leads to cozy evenings in, cups of hot tea, and lots of cuddling.  we've had all three animals in bed with us most nights this week... every night a certain fuzzy grey cat has found a warm spot right in between his mommy & daddy ♥ it's days and evenings like this that truly make this the most wonderful time of the year!

our little guy loves it under the tree... he just stares and stares at the lights. apparently, he
loves Christmas too ♥

looking forward to a Saturday with my hunka-husband... sleeping in and just taking it easy. as our 31st week approaches... we are anticipating a doctors appointment next week (this will start our every 2 week appts) and my birthday!!! yay!
have i mentioned i love December?! ;)
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