pink?! what's that?

Looking back to when we found out we were having a little girl...

Honestly, I was so excited that her ultrasound was perfect that boy or girl didn't really matter!! To just be expecting a healthy child was all I could ever want! But then I started the thinking.... A GIRL. What do I know about girls?! I mean really...sure, I am one (HA), but I've never really been a typical girl. I've always thought I'd make an excellent mother of boys. A loud rambunctious house full of boys. But now... Now I was seeing pink... Dolls. Ruffles. Did I say pink?! Oh and what if she wants to do something super girly like dance or cheerleading?! (Granted, if she's anything like me growing up, she will have scraped knees, dirty fingernails from playing in the dirt, and enjoy anything that the boys tell her she can't do). 
But again, I often think... am I going to be any good at this?! Pink. Ha! 
Then I read this.... 
And it all became so clear. Rob is going to be an AMAZING daddy to this little girl!! I think he's got us both covered! How do I know?! He already shows me love in these amazing ways (adult version)... I mean really, how much have my needs changed emotionally from that of a heart of a little girl?! So, if he can love me this well... He's going to knock it out of the park with Harper! There's no doubt in my mind.

I'm blessed with a husband who I have NEVER heard speak derogatoryly about women... who respects me, and whom I trust with every piece of me!  He is tender & gentle and shows me grace on a minute by minute basis... showing me more and more about the heart of Christ... he really truly, loves me in all of the aspects listed on this list! It's no wonder my heart is full! & really, isn't that the point... our father's treat us as princesses so that when we grow up we find a prince who treats us just as well?! Our fathers set the tone for the love we except in our lives.

So my amazing gift, when I always saw myself with a house full of crazy boys... A little girl. A little girl who is already so loved by her mommy & daddy! I could be naive enough to hope we never fail her... But I know we will. I pray that we always fill her heart and our home with love and give her just what she needs! ... Even if that's pom-poms and dance shoes. And I'm ever so thankful for my amazing husband who loves me and his daughter completely and selflessly. ♥

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