moments captured! ♥

my husband often makes fun of me because i take pictures of... EVERYTHING!! i kid you not. but there have been so many times that i'm so thankful to have captured certain moments.  sure, you can hold memories in your heart forever, but pictures also help ;)
i learned a long time ago that often times people get taken from our lives...i wish i had taken more pictures when i was younger!

i found some fun pictures from way back today... i truly love our past, present, & future! we have so much to be thankful for!!! ♥

miss her!

rockstar ;)

2006 ♥

2007...love these girls!!! 20 years of friendship going strong!

out in Newps. 

the girls... where else, vegas!

out in newport... 2008

family get together...2008

back when Lilly wasn't lazy and fat, ha! 2008 ♥

dinner with the family, 2008 ♥

wish we could all be together this year!!!

Vegas, 2009 ♥ again, wish we could all
be together for Christmas!

scavenger hunt with our friends, early 2009

Vegas 2009

decade party, 2009

Matt & Leah's wedding, August 2009

making Lilly's treat jar, September 2009

Lilly Bee ♥

Delora Bee ♥

Rockband/Halloween Party

Celebrating New Years with the family 2009-10

visiting the Grandparents... 2008?

Rock Band with Andy!

on our way to one of our many Hotel Cafe concerts

visiting the T's ♥
DTF... ♥

Typical evening in... 2009?

love this picture!!!... 2007

these guys! haven't changed a bit! 2007

us ♥ Fall, 2009
LOVE this picture! I miss Crystal Cove!
Pei Wei with the family in AZ ♥
Christmas in MO... 2009?!

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