::Magical December:: day 3.

Christmas time is so magical... have I mentioned that lately? HA! There are so many things that I want to document and not forget... with the passing of days, memories that I think I will remember seem to slip away.  Ever since I started this blog, I wanted it to be more of a personal journal or scrapbook, that I could look back on down the road and remember and be thankful for our journey... the ups and the downs.

So keeping up with that... I'm going to (attempt to) document some of the magic that finds us this holiday season ♥ from the little things that just warm my heart, to the big things.

I already shared a picture of the Christmas magic creeping into our home on Sunday. I always love our cozy home, but during Christmas once our decorations go up, it truly comes alive.  There are times I walk into our living room and really feel like I am in a Christmas Card.  sigh... But of course that came with a few headaches a long the way Sunday.  Rob went out to our storage shed and got all of the boxes and the tree out.  Brought the tree up, started putting it together and soon realized our pre-lit tree was only about 1/2 lit... with a big gaping unlit part in the middle. lovely. we (meaning i sat along side of him trying to offer support) sat and stared at it for awhile.  now please understand, my husband is very level headed.  he has a temper, but it takes a bit for him to get there.  but i can tell when it's almost there... and it was almost there.  so i quietly bowed out, let him know when he decided how he wanted to proceed that i'd be happy to help him any way i can, and i went in the other room.  i came back out to check on him not 20 minutes later to a fully lit tree and him pulling out decorations.  he's pretty amazing :D  we then hung up the ornaments and rob sat out the nativity.  then we called it a day, sat by the tree and fireplace for a bit then cuddled up to watch a movie together.

i came home last night to even more decorations up, the garland and tree shinning brightly, and an early birthday present all wrapped up and waiting for me by the tree.  let me add... rob and i are the WORST at doing this.  we typically get one another a few things over the span of a week or even weeks of our birthdays and christmas.  we are awful at keeping anything from one another, even gifts! but what can i say, that is one of the many things i love about him, well about US! ♥

what can i say, my hunka-husband absolutely spoils me!!!....

my new toy ♥  i'm so excited to have this for the upcoming months... down time at the hospital, restless
nights with a new baby, & just to have a little computer that fits in my purse is pretty fun! :D  i
giggle when i see it next to my iphone... it's like giant and baby ♥

keep the magic going....
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