...it's that time of year.

we are busy. i am tired. and i could end it there, ha!

our social life is full, my work life is full, i'm over 8months pregnant... i'm exhausted! if our schedule would allow, i would love nothing more to just stay in bed and sleep the day away.

this week has been busy with celebrating my birthday and the holidays with our friends! SO very fun... but so very tiring! today is "discovery day" at work... a day that new franchise prospects are invited to come hang out with us for a day and learn more about our company.  also, we have a Christmas Expo with local radio stations this weekend... AND our Christmas party is tomorrow night.  whew.  we will wrap up the weekend celebrating our nephew, Levi on Sunday! all for it to start all over again on Monday.  it makes me even more tired just thinking about it all ;)  we also desperately need to finish up our Christmas shopping... especially since over half of it is getting shipped to MO/AR/MI to my side of the family since we won't be traveling back for Christmas this year.  we debated whether to make the trip... it will be the first year we haven't... the first year i haven't spent any of the holidays with my family, but it is less than a week before my doctor "grounds" me. we really didn't want to take the chance!

i'm pretty sure the third trimester/last month and a half exhaustion has set in! i'm basically passing out at night... who knows if i sleep well, gosh i feel like i close my eyes and the next thing i know, rob's alarm is going off! i've been "tired" my whole pregnancy... but this level of exhaustion, well, that's a whole different story!

as i sit here typing, sipping on my starbucks, Harper is saying hello with another round of hiccups (she gets them 2-3 times a day at least these days!) and rolling movement (she's not a fan of hiccups)... i'm so thankful it's friday, athough, i'm not sure why, haha... our weekend is almost busier than our weeks normally are! ♥

have a great weekend everyone!!!

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