good-bye 2013~

as we get ready to ring in 2014 tonight, i can't help but look back on 2013 and be... well, just flat out amazed and thankful!

God taught me a LOT in 2013. i feel like 2013 was a year He showed me how to let go of the small things in life, hold tightly to the meaningful, and how to wait - to wait, expectantly on Him, hopeful of His plan in my life... trusting and believing that His plan is the ultimate purpose for my life.  sure, i thought i believed those words to be true my whole life, but this year... this year it was put to the test... i had to live it! i learned i'm not in control (i'm sure i'll continue to learn this lesson my whole life, as i never QUITE get it)... i'm not in control of God. i'm not in control of Rob. i'm not even in control of Me to a certain extent! for a control-freak, this is always a lesson learned the hardest of ways. i learned to let go of expectations of  everything... unless it was the expectation of God's plan in my life. that is the only compass i should let rule my life. i've always considered myself to be a thankful person... it's pretty easy when one lives an abundantly blessed life.  this year, through some of the hardest days of my life, God showed me how to be thankful in the murk and the muck. that even on my darkest, lowest, saddest of days there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. i learned it's ok to say no....to stop the glorification of busy. i've always been a homebody and would feel a bit guilty that rob and i aren't social butterflies.  this year i learned... that's ok! in fact, God doesn't call us to be busy! he calls us to be still... to enjoy his blessings, blessing others, and to spend time with him. so, it's ok to only say yes to plans once or twice a week...or not at all if we need us time! with that... i learned because we are both so comfortable just hanging out with one another... EVERYDAY, that we have to be intentional about making plans with our friends or we will go months without seeing them, which also isn't healthy! i've learned even more about grace. i need to give it graciously,  as well as i receive it. & once again, God showed me how strong i can be with His help...that some days you just have to get through and keep on living. this is also a lesson i've had to learn repeatedly! He also continues to show me, daily, how perfectly matched rob and i are. i'm not quite sure how i would've gotten through this past year with anyone else by my side...the blessing to be rob's other half is one i hope and pray i never take for granted!  & last but most definitely not least, i learned that even in the dark, God is working in the light... i just have to make a decision to join Him there, sit as his feet and receive the love he pours out on me daily!

i know without a doubt that 2014 holds different types of challenges for us... but we are so excited!! when i think of 2014, God keeps showing me the word JOY... that alone is so exciting to me!

Happy New Year!!!

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