yesterday i was blessed with a day spent with my husband, for my birthday! such a fun day!!! i love when we get the chance to spend a WHOLE day together... especially on my Birthday, because he has to not be a stinker all day ;)  he took me out to breakfast and then shopping all day, until i was tired and requested a nap, HA! & of course we squeezed in my birthday starbucks in my new birthday tumbler (rob never fails with least one starbucks gift for my bday/Christmas!).  we also had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon, then headed over to my in-law's to spend a little time with them on my b-day... then it was time to celebrate with our friends ♥ it was truly a wonderful birthday. i'm so very blessed!!!

our doctor's appointment also went well.  harper is measuring perfectly, and has already turned head down!!! my weight gain is still right on track... even though, after our last appointment i decided i was going to attempt to limit empty calories throughout Thanksgiving... yeah right! that so didn't happen.  i was SO happy to hear that i hadn't gained too much over the last four weeks!  because harper has turned, her movements have been different than when she was more transverse.  i mentioned this to my doctor, and being the amazing - proactive doctor that she is, she hooked me right up to the monitor.  she monitored me for about a half hour and so thankful harper was just fine... in fact she HATED the monitor and continued to kick directly at the discs the whole time! she's quite the little character! i also FINALLY got the results of my GD test... thankfully, i passed! yay!! ♥ i also was talked into another whoopnig cough vaccine. lovely. i got one before we moved to CO, as my doctor said if we planned on having kids in 5 years she would go ahead and take care of it... well turns out, now they have discovered that if i get the shot while pregnant i will pass on my immunization to harper. & the mom guilt begins... HA, just kidding. so of course i said yes... shot was a piece of cake, but goodness my arm is sore! i now remember the arm soreness from 2 years ago... ouch! but, this means baby girl will be good to go and we shouldn't have to worry about her catching it! and that makes any soreness so worth it ♥

this week is a full one for us & it's already been a fun one! tonight... more hang out time/celebrating with friends! can't wait!! then the rest of the week is more Christmas parties and Levi's birthday party!


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