33 week update

we had a doctor's appointment today and it went well! Harper continues to measure perfectly! And i... without help of the lbs & lbs of see's candy and other goodies i've been inhaling, have only gained one pound since my last appointment, (thank goodness for good genes!).  i was a little nervous!!! all of our franchisees send us all kinds of yummy goodies... no will power here ;)  the nurse's exact words after weighing me, "well you're a tiny little thing, aren't you?"... i literally laughed in her face.  she started laughing, as she realized i do not feel tiny AT ALL! thank goodness she understood and didn't take offense. lately i've felt like an anaconda that's swallowed a pumpkin!!

our little gal is such a character already! as my doctor was measuring her/my belly and feeling around to see where she was located... she said, "aw and there's her little bottom", which was where it usually is - protruding out to the right of my belly button.  all of a sudden, as soon as my doctor said that, she started showing off and completely flipped, turning her bottom to the complete other side. we got a good laugh out of it... it was as if she was playing with us :) our doctor tells us at least once an appointment how feisty
Harper is and she continues to prove it each passing day! & i'm ok with that... because to me, that already means she is strong and a fighter!

we go back in a couple more weeks, and i will be tested for strepB... which i will classify as one of those "things no one tells you about pregnancy".... i'm sorry you're gonna swab, where?! HA! oh goodness! then our once a week appointments begin... so hard to believe! we have just a little over six weeks til our due date! it's even harder to believe that, according to my what to expect app, i'm carrying a baby around the size of a pineapple!!! my doctor warned me again today that i'm at the peak time for braxton hicks contractions... and i believe it.  all day shopping yesterday i'd have to stop and take a few deep breathes... they don't hurt, just uncomfortable.  i compare it to having an anxiety attack, but in your baby belly! can real contractions be that easy, please?! ;)

have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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