32... a day away from 33 weeks!

whew... it's been a busy last couple of weeks! i'm not even sure how it is almost Christmas?! how did this happen? it has been kind of hard to get into the holiday spirit this year... granted my forced holiday spirit is probably more on the level of most people's "normal"... but none the less...
i think we are just so looking forward to what comes AFTER Christmas, that quite honestly, i'm just ready to get to that point!

here we are at 32weeks 6days...we have another doctor's appointment the beginning of next week. we have our pre-admittance appointment in a few of weeks. i'm looking forward to getting that done... at the time of the appointment i'll be 36 1/2 weeks, craziness.  baby girl is out of control! i think she is getting pretty cramped in there.  she *attempts* to stretch out often... pushing from one side of me to the other, leaving me saying "ouch"! she hasn't found my ribs yet, thank goodness... so i'd say she has some more room to grow.  the farthest her little feet kick up are just a couple inches above my belly button.  mostly the jabs i get are from, what i can only gather as, her bum... which sits right at my belly button! Harper really hasn't caused any discomfort for me herself... honestly, my discomfort these days comes from braxton hicks contractions, shortness of breath, my back/ribs/hips... the waddle has definitely set in!... especially right after i stand up from a sitting position.

when i first found out we were expecting, the one thing that i didn't want to happen... i didn't want to get fat arms. HA! i know, right?! of all things to worry about, that was top on my list... so rob bought me some small weights. i think i used them twice...yikes... sorry babe! but, thankful to say, so far so good on the arm department, oh goodness! that and my belly button were the two things i was a little hormonally ocd about.... so far so good on both! most women freak out about stretch marks... i honestly don't really care. if a few pop up in my last month, i'll be ok. ;)  so yep, no stretch marks yet; belly button is still there as an innie. really i can't complain... my pregnancy so far has been great! i will admit though, the last few nights i've been in tears at the discomfort/sleep deprivation combo. i don't do well with a lack of sleep, and by lack of sleep i mean i'm an 8hours minimum person! i know God is preparing me... i know, i know. thankful that harper does seem to already have her days/nights down.  she's a wiggle worm during the day, all day long... seems to LOVE the evening time when we get home and she hears her daddy's voice and mommy talk all high pitched to lilly and the cats ♥ then she settles right down with it's time to go to sleep.  she (or my hormones) have me up around 1am... i get up, use the restroom and then she's up for a little wiggle-wiggle hi mommy...then settles right back down.  this happens again when daddy's alarm goes off at 4:15.  then we fall back to sleep until my alarm goes off.  hoping and praying she's already getting on a schedule. it seems that way... it will be neat to see if it's for real.

at least a few times a day, i'm getting comments on how tiny i am but how big my baby belly is getting.  and really, its true.  i've stayed the same size all over except out front... the belly and the two girls up top ;)  really, it is getting almost odd... my frame is pretty small, but then there's this huge basketball under my shirt, HA! i'm still wearing some of my non-maternity clothes along with maternity... i'm SOOO ready to go shopping for new clothes... it's so hard to see all the deals and cute clothes and not buy any haha! and i'm so over shopping for maternity clothes... especially when i only have a month and a half at most left!

here are some random pictures from over the past week.... 

A red footed friend... visiting me at the Holiday Expo on Saturday ♥

Selfie at the Christmas Party ♥

our company goes all out!!! so fun!

us ♥

love this guy!

Our first round at the White Elephant... she also had a matching
husband, LOL. 

We got to celebrate this cutie on Sunday! Happy 3 years Levi!!

me... at 32 weeks and a couple days.

look what my secret santa got me!!!! eeee!!! 

Jack Frost visited us this morning, leaving a gorgeous sparkly white landscape!

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