{thankful november, days 22, 23, & 24} & late friday letters ♥

day 22

fridays. so much to be thankful for! but especially, on this cold, snowy friday i am thankful for our amazingly cozy-warm home.  i love coming home to my hunka-hubby, our fireplace, and yummy soup cooking.
what a perfect evening in together! i also came home to a completely finished (painted) baby's room! rob and his dad had got the majority of the work done the beginning of the week, but they finished the trim on friday. absolutely LOVVVE it!
taking a break in thankfulness for a much over due, "friday letters"....
Sweet Harper,
my, my how you are growing!! mommy wonders often if there is going to be enough room for you to continue to grow the next 2 months! ♥ this week you have LOVED poking your little...not sure what, maybe feet, bum, head, elbow??? out. just to the right of mommy's belly button. you do it so often that mommy almost feels like she has a bruise from the inside, but not to worry... i love every second that you say hello!
you have started making a habit of morning hiccups.  i can tell you aren't a fan of hiccups already.  you squirm and kick and repeat until they are gone. i often wish there was something i could do to make them stop for you :(  your kicks are getting stronger every day.  you actually kept me awake the other night with how hard you were kicking.  again, don't worry... mommy doesn't mind and starbucks thanks you ;)
it never ceases to make me giggle when i can feel you "push off" one side of me and then see you protrude out the other! what a character you are already! mommy's phone app told her to start counting your kicks, tumbles and rolls... hmmm. apparently they don't understand what a crazy monkey you are! in your most active times of the day, you would reach the recommended 10 movements in 10 seconds!...vs the hour! you continue to suggest that mommy eats spicy food.  your newest favorite... super spicy hummus! you still would prefer for me to eat del taco/taco bell/qdoba every day! and insist that i put ketchup or sriracha on everything! i actually had to debate which one to eat with my grilled cheese the other day! mommy is just thankful that you have decided on things i already love!
mommy and daddy love you so much baby girl!!! we cannot wait to hold you in our arms!
♥ mommy

day 23
saturday.. i can honestly say i loved every second of our day yesterday!
i'm so thankful for this amazing life and love that i've been so undeservingly blessed with!
we woke up bright and early yesterday morning (Harper is already getting us on a schedule... isn't it suppose to be the other way around???) and headed out for breakfast! we were hoping to treat Jack, my father in law, to breakfast for all his hard work he's put into Harper's room and our guest room... and well, just in general! but he had been up with the stomach flu all night :(  so it was just the two of us... so we decided to turn it into a morning date! breakfast and a movie!
i didn't even know the movie theaters opened so early?! but our thoughts were... maybe if we go early, hunger games won't be as crowded! AND we were right! such a great movie by the way!
we then headed home and started working on actually putting things in Harper's room.  our whole house has been a DISASTER for the past few weeks... with the swaping of rooms and moving everything out of her room to paint. it basically looked like we were a babies r us storage facility! needless to say, it's nice to have our living room back ;) i can't wait to post pictures of the final, everything on the walls and in place, nursery! i've got to say, it's looking pretty amazing! 
anyway, so then we spent the rest of the day relaxing (i took a nap, ha!), and hanging out together.  we made a yummy dinner together and rented a redbox.  it was one of those perfectly amazing days ♥ 

day 24
today i am thankful for our Grandma Nina! since today is her birthday, it's only fitting to write about how amazing this lady is! she is so special to rob and i! i pretty much made it through the year of 2009-10 due to this lady! she was one of the best, if not the best, roommates anyone could ask for! in part, i think it is because we are a lot alike personality wise.  some days we'd want to hang out, drink a glass of wine and talk... others we wanted our space. and that was ok. i have always felt that because of that year living with her, i grew even closer and learned even more about rob and his family! i hadn't got to know his grandpa len extremely well, so i cherished our saturday morning breakfasts together, where the conversation would inevitably turn to stories of her and grandpa len. i never tired of hearing stories of their past ♥ she is quite an a amazing and special lady! 
today, i am also thankful for our health!
it seems like everyone in our family here has had the stomach flu. i am SO thankful that we haven't caught it (knock on wood)! i've already had it once during this pregnancy and it was awful!
let me just say... being sick stinks, but when you're pregnant it is a million times worse!!! 
hoping and praying to stay 100% healthy until baby Harper is here! ♥

& here are some photos of our day yesterday....

breakfast with this guy is the best!

the downside of getting a great deal on a crib... little to no directions. good thing my hunka-husband is so amazing ♥

love him!

lilly wasn't so sure what was going on... i kept joking that she thought it was her new kennel, HA!

Harper and I had a job... to hold the frame up while her Daddy put the screws in. She handled this
mission with ease ;)

finished product! 

such a mess right now... but it will get there ♥ ... that box is filled with board books! so excited to read them to her!

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  1. I love seeing those little itty-bitty clothes in the closet!! They look about the size her mama wears.

    1. hahaha... you're too funny!!! ;) not anymore... ♥