{thankful november, days 16, 17, 18, & 19}

goodness. am i behind or what?! this is so what happened last year and i really wanted to be better at taking time out each day to blog about my thankfulness... what can i say?! life happens!!

day 16
saturdays... what's not to be thankful for on a saturday?! 
i got to sleep in with my hunka-hubs (which was doubly nice since i haven't been sleeping the greatest!), then headed off for my first maternity massage!
it was marvelous!!! 
thankful for the wonderful lady, who was my massage therapist... and 
her ability to make this modest pregnant lady comfortable! 
& so thankful that my in-laws shared their favorite
massage place with me... AND a half off coupon! 
it was just what this tired body needed.
& i managed to stay in sweatpants all day. just relaxing.
again. marvelous!

day 17
oh, sundays! 
i "woke" up early.
not sure how much i actually slept...
was able to do some housework and
get the rest of Harper's clothes washed and organized.
i was able to relax and catch up on some dvr'd shows!
sunday also marked our 28 week mark! 
so exciting! 
so very thankful for a strong and healthy Harper! 
i really need to take some updated belly bump pictures...
but in all honesty, i didn't get out of my sweatpants all weekend hahaha...

day 18
it was pretty typical for a monday.
i was tired (exhausted actually) and crankyyyy!
but, we got to wrap up the day with family and extended family.
a yummy meal shared with family is always wonderful!
so thankful for Matt&Leah, and their kiddos!
they bring a lot of joy to our lives!

day 19
ugh. today started funkier than monday.
starbucks line was way too long and slowww.
i gave up.
stopped at the gas station right by my work for my 
back up coffee... they were out of my favorite kind.
one of our guys called in sick.
need i go on?! it's definitely one of those days.
BUT... training has begun for
my maternity leave.
there are a couple girls that i have trained to back me up for days i'm out.
but, training them for me to be gone for weeks on end...
a little different story. 
there won't be any, "oh we'll just save this for when she gets back..."
they are going to need to do my job completely!
so last week they started flying solo.
today, is the first full day for one of them to do my job, all by themselves.
of course, i'm only an office away if they have any questions... but that leaves me
with a light work load and a relaxing day. all to be repeated on thursday! so needless to say... 
it was much needed today.
i am thankful for my job & how amazing and supportive they are being about our 
pregnancy and my upcoming maternity leave.
i'm also thankful for a couple of great gals who will be filling in for me. 
they are gonna kick butt! i don't feel anxious at all leaving it all in their hands! 

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