{thankful november, days 14 & 15}

day 14
i am thankful for the great doctor's appointment we had today! 
i'm still waiting on the results of the glucose test, but everything
else was great news!
our doctor said that i (as well as harper) looked great!
i'm measuring right on track and my weight is perfect (even though once again...
seeing those numbers go up, which i've NEVER seen on the scale before..yikes!).
and the glucose drink... not bad at all! tasted like 
fruit punch to me... yumm! the only not fun part was the almost passing out/anxiety
attack the sugar crash gave me in the car afterwards... so not fun! 
once again, it took the doctor a bit to find harper's heartbeat... as she is so
unbelievably active.  she just kept laughing and shaking her head.  finally,
after some poking and prodding, she settled down and let us listen.  i've all but given up
with our home doppler... plus, i've found her kicks and punches now give me the 
reassurance that the at home doppler once did.  
we return for another visit the beginning of december and then our two week visits 
start... wow. how time has flown.  even our doctor was saying she couldn't believe it's been seven
months!  over the next week or so, it is on my agenda for me to call our hospital and 
schedule our pre-registration and hospital visit.  the birthing class... eh, to me it's not a necessity. i've been through it with my sister and the end of it with my sis-in-law...
we'll see if we have time ♥ 

day 15
today. it's simple. i'm thankful it is friday! 
this week has flown by, thankfully! 
looking forward to sleeping in with my hunka-hunka-husband tomorrow! ♥

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