{thankful november, day7}

today. today is one of the deeper "thankful days".
i'm often struck with thankfulness when i look at my life, at my husband, and the amazing life and love we have been blessed with.  
i know i already wrote about being thankful for my marriage and for rob...
but today, i want to talk about my thankfulness of our journey.
a journey that isn't so pretty... 
our journey to one another was filled with lots of bumps... lots of rocks... lots of pot holes.
what can i say, i've always been a sucker for dirt roads ;) 

but in all seriousness, before rob and i got together i had a pretty negative out look on love and relationships. i had been burned... over and over. i was callused. i was scared. i was done with love. i had decided to not let anyone in, to stay in control of my heart, and to not fall in love again. to stay guarded. to keep that wall up & to protect myself.  

2008, those walls were falling
down ♥
well, here came rob and made a liar out of me... he came barreling through with his theoretical sledge hammer, knocking down those walls and showing me that i could trust again... and eventually love again.  you see he always had faith in us. i can remember a conversation about life between the two of us, before we even started dating... we were just friends.  we were talking about life and love. i threw out there that i wasn't sure i'd ever get married again... he threw in that he already knew who he was going to marry, he was just waiting for her to realize it. talk about awkward silence. i should've known then that i was in trouble ;) he had my heart and i didn't even know it!

it wasn't too many months later that he asked me to make a decision, as i was standing at the crossroads of the life i was living and the life i wanted, (I'll blog about that at another time...) - i chose rob and the life i knew i should be pursuing. and a few months later he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. i'll never forget when he asked me to be his girlfriend. i'm pretty sure i said no at first, HA! not because i didn't like him, but because i was scared and also i remember asking him if he really wanted the baggage i came with. his response... YES!

so again, today, i'm thankful for him. our journey. and his faith in us... and more importantly, his faith in me when i didn't have any! he has always been my biggest fan. ♥

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