{thankful november, day 6}

today i'm thankful for the past 27 weeks!
for the past few months that i've gotten the amazing privilege to have
this little one growing inside of me. 

our first peek at Harper; 9weeks

20weeks, when we confirmed that she was a she ♥

these little feet bring me a lot of joy!!

i can't believe, in just a few days, i will be in my third trimester!
the time has flown by!!! 

when i think back to when we found out we were expecting our sweet Harper, i can't 
help but feel overcome with thankfulness! 
she was such a little surprise... our little miracle!
even though we didn't intentionally plan for her... we were definitely 
dreaming and praying for her! 
we were in such disbelief when we found out we were expecting!
what a blessing!!! 

i cannot wait to hold her in my arms ♥ 

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