{thankful november, day 5}

today and well, every second of my days... i'm thankful for my husband and our marriage.  
he's the one person in this world that truly gets me
he's the one person that when i want to be alone... i still want him with me
he holds all of my memories
he is in all of my yesterdays
he is in all my todays... and my tomorrows
he is my absolute best friend in this world,
the one i can always count on. 
he's held me when i was broken
he's pushed me forward when i couldn't take a step
he's encouraged me and stood beside me when i was terrified
he is one of the most selfless people i've ever known.
he's celebrated my victories with me and my happy moments.
he tolerates my irrational moments and my melt downs...
my stubbornness and my hardheadedness.
he loves me no matter what.
he was my missing piece... he is my other half.
he is one fantastic Man!!!
i'm one blessed girl to be able to call him mine ♥

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