{thankful november, day 27}

wow. this month sure has flown by.  it seems like i just posted my first day of thankfulness!! and here we are... thanksgiving is tomorrow!

today, and always, i am thankful for our wonderfully amazing family!... near and far! i wish there was a way we could spend the holiday with everyone.  we really do have the best families there are! they continue to cover us in prayer and love.  they are truly amazing! ♥

*** right after i typed up this entry, i received a priceless present from my sister to me and all of my cousins.  scanned, hand written recipes from my Granny.  Granny passed away a few months ago, and really the holidays don't quite seem like the holidays without spending them at my Granny and Papaw's home.  this took me on a tearful trip down memory lane and also provided me with the secrets to some of her most amazing dishes! what a perfectly, timely Thanksgiving gift!!! absolutely priceless!!!!

me and my Granny ♥

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