{thankful november, day 26}

today i am thankful for our deep, true, amazing friendships - near and far! we are blessed to have made life long relationships with friends who aren't so near, but are near in prayer and spirit! we are also so blessed to have made some amazing lifelong friendships here over the past year and a half! so many people in our lives here in CO that we treasure!! we feel so blessed to have a close group of friends we can share & live life with and have dinner with every other week... you know who you are and we love you dearly!

some of our dearest friends, the Cartons, have a wonderfully, powerful, amazingly honest blog that i truly think everyone should read and follow.  they, individually and as husband & wife, are so amazingly strong and passionately honest with their life.  please check out their blog and today, one of my favoritest of their blog entries... marriage is ♥ we love you guys and are so honored to call you friend!

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  1. Heeeey! This is a post about us! You are the best :) We're so blessed to call you our dearest friends and love you both so much. We also can't wait to celebrate the birthday of Ms. Harper Grace!