{thankful november, day 13}

since today, in the hashtag world, is known as "#woofwednesday" i find it only fitting to blog about our thankfulness for our dog, Lilly ♥

she's a crazy monkey, she drives us insane the majority of the time... but she is truly the best dog.  she is loyal and such a kind soul.  she is the easiest going pup you'll ever meet... if we sleep in, she lets us, cuddled up right next to us... if we are gone ALL day... she's good. she goes with the flow.

she has shown us over the last couple of years how great she is with kids! she is going to be the best big sister to Harper! she is so patient and tolerates all of kids' antics ... if she get's annoyed, she just walks away.  such a good girl!

she loves to just "GO" with her mommy and daddy... even if its just a car ride to 7-11 real quick, but of course she prefers when we take her on hikes ;)

she is our lilly-bug and we love her dearly! 

 photo 7A9DF53DA53B3988C932DA2B867EB89F.png

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