{thankful november, day 12}

today i am thankful for my mother-in-law and father-in-law.  you typically find a lot of ladies complaining about their in-laws and saying not too nice things about them... well, no complaints here! they've done nothing but bless our lives.  i'm thankful that they raised Rob in a Christ centered home, where he learned compassion, love, hard work, and basically just what it means to be in a long lasting, loving marriage!

they are always the first ones to offer their help to us, but also the first ones to let us "fly" on our own.  that is a hard balance... i hope we are able to provide that for our children one day.

as i type, my father in law is over at our home helping Rob empty out our extra (storage) bedroom, to paint and convert into our guest room... so that they can then start painting Harper's room.  and get this... i don't think we ever even ASKED him to... he just stepped in to help! which is huge, considering i'm not much help these days in the lifting or the painting department ;)

i feel so blessed to have a close relationship with them... they really are my "other" parents! ♥

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