{thankful november, day 11}

today i am thankful for my freedom, not only in Christ, but the daily freedoms i am allowed to experience on a daily basis because i am an American.

i feel so proud to have had/or have family members who have sacrificed and fought for those freedoms.  it helps me to not take the privilege of being an American for granted! i have uncles, cousins, & grandparents who have all sacrificed for us all... but what hits closer to home is my own father and my nephew, Alex.  truly, thank you never seems like enough. 

i remember visiting a replica known as the "traveling wall" with my parents as a very little girl.  even though i had no understanding of what it was, i knew by the tears in my parents eyes that it was something of profound importance. this art work always reduces me to tears....

 photo 7A9DF53DA53B3988C932DA2B867EB89F.png

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