let's get real mondays, vol. 2

most days i live in pregnancy wonderland... where i'm thankful for all my well wishers and feel adored by support and love from our friends and family.  but. today. today, i'm tired. i'm exhausted. and so here we go for another let's get real blog.... i know, i know, i haven't posted my thankfulness in awhile. i'll leave that catch up for another day...

a real truth... people are really annoying when you're pregnant.

it's true. if you've been pregnant, i'm sure you can agree. it's as if people just blurt out
the worst possible things on a regular basis. or i just get tired of hearing the same
thing over and over.

a few of my favorites:

• oh, you're due in february... maybe you'll have a valentines baby.
                 -ok, why would i want my baby to be born on a holiday
                 - & really, you are wishing me to be 2 weeks late?! mean, mean person!!!

• any comments on my size. most people remark how tiny i am, but how crazy my bump is.
                 - really?! i hadn't noticed... it's not uncomfortable at all. (sarcasm!) i'm a petite 5'2 female who all of a sudden has a watermelon attached to her body. yes, you're right... i am small and yes i do have a baby belly. how crazy...

• the pressure to pick a name. in all honesty... we had it picked out for awhile. but we were keeping it
between the two of us for a bit. we shared it eventually...
                 - i'm stubborn enough that it almost made me want to be one of those people who keep it a secret until after the baby is born...

• the all too common phrase of, "oh just wait until the baby is born..."
                 - i am not dumb. i've been taking care of kids most of my life. i know they take a lot... a  lot of everything! but really, when i haven't slept for 4 nights due to lovely pregnancy insomnia, the last thing i want to hear is that it is preparing me for the future... hormones mixed with no sleep carrie... well, let's just say these lovely well wishers should be happy that they don't get their eyes gouged out! & as a friend of mine who JUST had a baby told me, at least now she CAN sleep when the baby sleeps, vs. being so uncomfortable and not being able to sleep.
                - let's do the math... no sleep + pregnancy exhaustion from oh... making a human does not equal waking up every few hours to feed a crying baby.... at least you GET sleep!

• and to go with the previous statement... those parents who along with the "just waits" add their
own personal struggle... i.e. just wait til your kid refuses a bottle or just wait til your kid won't nap... etc.
              - again, i know parenthood comes with challenges. i don't expect it to be all unicorns and balloons... but why do people have to be so discouraging?!

i could honestly go on all day... but i won't.  enough of my rant. my cousin warned me of ALL of these. and it all is SO true. she's also warned me that some of it doesn't get better after the baby is born. all of the unnecessary advice... oh joy i can't wait! (again, sarcasm.)....

if you haven't already, check out this wonderful, comical, krast yet oh so applicable, blog... this is a post i'm identifying with right now... i'm totally at stage 4: http://www.scarymommy.com/category/Pregnancy-In-a-Nutshell/

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  1. I was ready to murder the next person that said some off handed comment. Then I realized in warning you I hoped I didn't come across as one of these horrible obnoxious people. LOL It was meant as a don't let the jerks bring ya down. LOL