hello third trimester!!!

as we head into our third trimester, i can't help but be amazed at how fast the time is going! i remember week 5... right after we found out we were expecting our sweet Harper... it felt like an eternity to even make it to our second trimester. and now, here we are with less than 90 days left til our due date! i don't know about you, but that does not seem very long to me ;)

as i look back over our pregnancy... i've been so blessed and lucky to have a smooth pregnancy... no morning sickness, no stretch marks (so far)... nothing but some added extreme exhaustion and just the basic aches and pains of my body expanding and growing for our precious little girl ♥ overall i've felt great and i've loved every second of this pregnancy!

things are coming together! i've washed all of her nb & 0-3 month clothes and hung them up. we picked up her room colors from home depot yesterday. the plan is for her daddy and grandpa jack to get her room painted this week. i cannottttt wait to have that done and get her crib set up!! then all we will need is to get her changing table from her aunt leah and uncle matt and hang everything up! we finally got her some socks, LOL... crazy nesting, pregnancy hormones... i was so stressed out that she didn't have any socks yet. really?! my logical/rational side knows how ridiculous that sounds... but the momma-bear side of me was stressin' hahaha.  so yes, baby girl has socks and plenty of them ;)  honestly, we really do have everything we need for her first few weeks.  we need to grab a few more receiving blankets and maybe a few more burp cloths, but we are pretty set.  there's small (unnecessary) things that i'd like to have still of course ;) ... like book shelves, a formula dispenser for the diaper bag (again, really?!), diaper genie, more crib sheets/liners, changing pad covers, etc. really nothing too crazy or super necessary, which makes me feel a little more 'settled'. really all those extras are small dollar items as well... which also helps the stress level, HA!

Harper's likes:
• her Daddy's voice
• mommy's humming
• for mommy to eat spicy food... seriously, i've always liked spicy stuff, but lately its ridiculous!
• DEL TACO!.. i crave it about every minute of the day!

Harper's dislikes:
• lilly's bark; lilly rarely barks, but rob makes her bark occasionally and Harper HATES it! it feels like she literally jumps in my tummy!
• daddy's alarm at 4:30am! she's sooo not a fan!... often times i'll sleep through his alarm but not her annoyed jabs!

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