Harper Grace Tisthammer

well, we finally announced baby T's name to our family and friends a few days back! ♥
time to announce it to the blog world ;) 

how we came about choosing her name...
i LOVED the name Harper from day 1. actually before day 1.
i mentioned it to Rob just nonchalantly one day... he didn't seem to thrilled with it, so
we kept discussing alternatives.  every time i thought of our baby girl
being named anything but Harper, i got a little sad. finally, it was time to get down to 
business as far as picking her name goes. Rob confessed to me that he had a plan...
basically he thought i was unsure of Harper since we kept talking about 
other names besides that. which wasn't true at all... i just thought he didn't
like Harper...which also wasn't true. so about a month ago we decided on Harper, but wanted
to keep it between the two of us for a bit to make sure... Rob picked
her middle name, which couldn't be more perfect!!

i'm so happy to have announced it... it was getting hard to not let it slip, HA!

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