ghosts & thankfulness....

as i woke up to a winter wonderland this morning, i couldn't help but feel like a giddy school child... waking up to the first snow of the year.  that was quickly squashed as i headed out on the roads to work.  drivers in general annoy me. but the stupidity of people driving in weather conditions never ceases to leave me shaking my head, or as my dear friend Ashly would do... the SLOW CLAP! ha! anyway... i knew the roads must be bad when i got a goodmorning/be careful text from rob.  you see, he isn't a worrier.  it can be raining, or a little windy and i tell him to use extra caution...because i, i am the worrier as much as i try not to be. so, when i got a loving cautionary text from him i took notice.  and boy was he right! icy, icy, icy!!! people were sliding everywhere! our car is a trooper and got me safely to work without one slip... SO thankful!!! Rob also got to and form work safely early this morning.  i hope i never take God's provision and protection for granted.  so very, very thankful!!!!

so as i was reading and catching up on a few blogs i follow, one referred to ghosts in our relationships/lives.  i took notice. mostly, because this is something i use to struggle with - letting either my past or rob's past affect our present or future. about 4 years ago i said no more.  no longer did i care about people that were in our pasts. they were in our pasts for a reason. i chose trust. to trust myself and rob. and move forward in my thinking, not backward. i'm sure we've all been there... whether it was my ex's or people who *thought* they were rob's ex (lol) or just people who were once friends who we had gone down different paths. it's so easy to let those ghosts haunt you or at least impact your thinking.  i'm so thankful that God helped me rid myself mentally of a few! it didn't happen over night, but i can honestly say that 5+ years later, there are people that i use to worry about or people that bugged me by the immature stunts they would pull.  but those are all things that are in the past. that my amazing husband taught me to laugh at or just let go. i remember the days when he use to totally call me out on it, saying it was silly to let someone who didn't matter affect me so much. he always has a way of putting things into perspective. we finally got to where we would joke, kid, and create inside jokes about some of the crazier "ghosts"... and really, truly, that helped in my letting them go. my advice... start small. avoid subjects or places that you might run into them, or heaven forbid... de-friend, set privacy settings high, and block people on social networks if necessary! it's your present and future we are talking about. is it really necessary to know what that person you shouldn't care less about is doing?! ... it's only keeping them in your present.  i truly encourage you, that if you once like me, have had a hard time letting go of those ghosts... just do it.

so today, i am thankful for our beautiful weather, our safety, and for leaving the past in the past!

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