friday letters, vol.4

good morning little one,
today is the first day of november!
you will soon learn, the holidays
are a big deal to your mommy! 
today, on the way to work, i talked to you about
how in 2 years we could go to starbucks
together...yours of course will be chocolate milk,
but none the less, prepare yourself for 
holiday excitement. you gave me a little
love kick in response. your
daddy teases us, as we have our conversations...
as mommy talks, and you 'listen'. your responses are always
so appropriate ♥ i can't wait til i can hold you and
talk to you! we are going to attempt to pick out
paint colors for your room this weekend! we hope
to pick something that suits you well!

i know we say this often, but we really do fall more in love
with you every day little one! we hope to announce your name to the
world soon... mommy has been calling you by name for quite some time 
now. everyone else is anxious to know! and who can blame them...
you are already amazing, little one! 

lots of love,

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