diy tissue paper puffs!

i mentioned earlier in the week that Sunday i squeezed in a quick craft for Harper's room! .... & here it is!

i've LOVED making everything for Harper's room! it is fun to find things on pinterest or shopping that i'd like for her room that cost an arm and a leg... and then make them for pennies!! rob keeps saying i need to keep making it all and sell it online... i don't like it THAT much ;) ha!

the tissue puffs were EASY!!! i found a few colors i liked at hobby lobby for a whopping dollar a piece! i went with two different purples and one greyish-brown.  the hardest/most annoying part of this process is cutting the ends! they're pretty thick.

•i wanted to have different sizes, so i cut the paper accordingly.
•choose your thickness! the smaller ones i did approx 8 pieces; the larger ones 9-12 pieces
•basically, you just fold it like an accordion or fan.... about an 1 inch- 1.5inches wide.
• fasten in the middle with floral wire, (i also added a ribbon with a slip-knot for a loop to tie the ribbon we will hang them with to... i do suggest this, because once it's "puffed" even that loop is hard to find!).
•then you will want to choose the shape of the ends.  i did a few in a point to give them a dahlia look and some rounded.
•start fluffing! just pull the "stuck together" pieces of tissue apart.  do this gently... it tears easily, but thankfully these things are so puffy they are VERY forgiving of any small tears.
•do some final shaping and touch ups


needed supplies:

•tissue paper in desired colors
•floral wire or some type of wire
•wire cutters

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