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I went back and forth for quite some time on what type of name art to make for Harper's room.  I knew I wanted something simple yet girly... and not spend an arm and a leg! I searched pinterest for ideas for months... way before we even announced her name! and basically ended up combining a few different tutorials in to one!

We waited until the letters went on sale at Hobby Lobby... 30% off of 6 letters is a fairly good savings! At the time, I grabbed some purple craft paint... but later changed my mind. I knew I wanted to wrap a board in some sort of fabric to give it a canvas look and then put the letters on that.  But finding the exact right size of board took a little bit of effort... I had put it on hold until my amazing husband found the perfect piece!.. AND it has meaning! We are in the process of doing some work in our laundry room area, adding a bathroom.  And my father in law had ripped out a closet that we had in that area.  Out of the scrap wood, Rob spotted the perfect piece!

I came home to it all laid out on our table....

If you know me or have read any of my blog entries... you know that I LOVE things with meaning and history! I love that she will have a piece of our first house together, her first home, to keep forever if she'd like.  

Now came the time to pick what colors we wanted. I had all but decided against purple letters... we had since decided on the wall colors, which were both purple (a darker and lighter of the same shade), so I wanted something that would go yet contrast as well. After trying out a few of the fabric scraps I used on her giraffe art, we decided on the purple with white polka-dots with white letters! What a great choice! It turned out SO cute!

I started by wrapping the fabric around the wood piece.... think book cover.  I used a heavy duty "all purpose" craft glue to adhere it to the back. I let that dry for a few days while her Daddy painted the letters white.  We then used the same all purpose glue to adhere the letters to the front.  This glue is amazing!!! Now all we need is to nail a couple of brackets to the back for hanging, and we should be good to go! So happy with how this turned out.  My plan is to hang this over her changing table and the giraffes over her crib! ♥

The total cost of this project was maybe $15 at the most! 

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