yay! preparation continues!

we continue to get new fun things, preparing for February!
i feel like we have all the "big" things, except a high chair...and really, we don't NEED that until she's 5months+... 
the past couple weeks we've gotten her swing and my diaper bag! 
SO EXCITED! in love with them both!!

my diaper bag was a generous gift from my dear friend Ashly! 

i wanted the convenience of a diaper bag without it screaming DIAPER BAG! & this one is perfect! it has all the pockets needed, but the cuteness of a purse!...the inside is a bright fuchsia chevron! i cannot wait to use it!!! 

her swing. oh my goodness it's precious! we had picked up the snugabunny bouncie seat a few months ago at once upon a child... the whole "snuga" line is quite pricey, but oh so adorable...but i didn't want to spend an arm and a leg... 

well, thanks to one of the facebook mommy's groups i'm in... we found it gently (barely) used for less than a quarter of the cost!!! i was SO pumped! it is in perfect/new condition... i'm pretty picky about "used" things for a baby...but this met the criteria ;)

baby girl also continues to be spoiled by just about everyone we know!! i can't imagine what it's going to be like when she's actually here!  we still haven't narrowed any names down... we sat around the dinner table with 8 of our friends on tuesday discussing names, laughing at the strange ones, and trying to narrow some down... no luck! sigh... i get frustrated and then i'm reminded she is going to have this name her whole life...its ok to take our time and make sure it's the right one! ♥
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