nesting begins...

when we found out we were expecting, i began looking for nursery ideas on pinterest! i immediately fell in love with this nursery:

when we found out little sweetT was a baby girl... well, i decided to move in a different direction, but just couldn't let go of that stinkin' adorable giraffe print!!! so, as i'm sure every other mom does... you go to the link and boom! etsy... $150!! plus, the color scheme just wasn't what i wanted. you see, i'm not much of a pinky/girlie person and alot of the nursery bedding looks like pink craziness to me! when rob found our baby's brown bedding WITH flowers i was over the moon! girly bedding that doesn't have to be pink?! is that possible? haha.  we decided to add purple as the accent color... and we found the cutest little blankets that were purple WITH giraffes! so, as you can see this slowly but surely started coming together in my mind... i COULD have a giraffe baby nursery and it still be girly! then came the day that i found out that the same person on etsy that makes the giraffe canvas that i was coveting, also supplies templates for people to make their own! so i took it and adapted it... and made one for myself (or for baby girl)! the original was done with painting, but i wanted to incorporate a few different textures/patterns that i didn't think i could pull of with painting...so fabric it was!

on saturday i headed out to our local craft stores for supplies and fabric...

• canvas, mod podge, and supplies from Michaels... $7! 
• fabric from hancock fabrics ( i just got 1/4 yard of each color)... $9!
• template from ThePaperNut ... $6!
• 3 hours of time, cutting, pinning, and gluing!

 other supplies i found useful: sharp fabric scissors, straight pins, and sponge applicators

& that's it!

i camped out on our basement table for a few hours and went to work! i chose a large canvas (24x30), so i had to blow the template giraffes up to my desired size! & then went to cutting!

here are a few pictures of the process:

picking out fabric at the fabric store... so many choices!

turned our guest bedroom/soon to be nursery into craft storage... and baby storage! ...
laying out the colors trying to decide the order

after i cut out the template giraffes... i pinned them to the back of the fabric

i chose to pin and cut... much like you would a clothes pattern

again... laying out the arangement, i chose to go portrait instead of landscape shown in this
picture... the fun part of choosing a huge canvas!

painting on the moge-podge

right after i was finished... the purples dried a bit lighter

& the finished product....

... next on my agenda are tissue puffs for above our rocker and maybe some other fun giraffe art...i do have a lot of scrap fabric left over! there has to be something fun i could make with it ;)
 photo 7A9DF53DA53B3988C932DA2B867EB89F.png

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