let's get real mondays... vol. 1

lately i've been gently reminded by my ever loving heavenly father, to not let statistics define me or my marriage.  i can always tell when it's the loving nudge of my master's hand when i'm reminded of his quiet whisper in a few different places... in other words... He's hitting me up side the head with it, in his own loving way.

something i haven't talked about on this blog, because well, it's my past. my past that i've been forgiven for. it's my baggage. my baggage that my loving amazing husband chose to pick up and carry along with me... my first marriage. yep. that's right. the "d" word... divorce.  i was young. i was immature. choices were made that i wouldn't make today...but that being said, it led me to where i am now, and to a marriage that absolutely glorifies christ and is just down right amazing!

i'm sure you've all seen the statistics surround second marriages... let's just say they aren't that great. these are statistics, that ever since rob and i exchanged vows have haunted me a little. granted, we are breaking them. we are extremely happily and wonderfully married & i love proving people wrong! but i've learned in my 30 years of my Christian walk that when God is hitting me in the head with something, I need to stop and pay attention. often times he's guiding me away from something or sometimes it's merely preparation. either way, i'm taking notice. i've stopped. i'm still. & i'm holding on that he is the great I Am. 

one the last quiet little whispers, my light bulb moment that God was trying to get my attention, was the message at church yesterday... 

a few points I took away: 

•If you do marriage gods way, you have the success rate of 100%

•God made marriage and he doesn't  make things to fail. 

•Marriage exists because we cannot reach our potential on our own, God said it is not good for man to be alone.

The message was centered around Ephesians 5. If you've read any of my other entries in marriage, you know I'm one of the few people that has never had issues with this scripture. I saw it laid out in front of me all through my childhood. It is how God intended marriage. 

A point I found necessary and absolutely filled with truth regarding the roles that have been laid out for is in this scripture:

•These roles disable our sinful natures & keep them from destroying our marriages.
Women: prideful independence 
Men: detachment 

I strive to live out the roles given to me by God in Ephesians 5, as I know Rob does as well. It's tough. Being a godly spouse is a full time job, but it's the most rewarding one there is!! I pray that God continues to help us fight the odds and live out a strong sacrificial marriage for him! Because through him and because of him we have 100% chance of a successful marriage!!! ❤️

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