Leaves are falling & the belly is growing!!!

Fall is officially here!!! Our heat kicks on at night, we wake up to crisp autumn air, and the landscape appears to be painted by the master's hand. ♥♥ I can't believe we are nearing the middle of October!!! I also can't believe my ever growing belly, aka baby girl!

This past week was a busy one!!! Rob has stayed busy with his friends, playing softball and football almost every night last week and I stayed busy preparing for our last workshop! It got to be around Thursday  last week and we decided to plan Sunday as our day... A day to catch up with one another and just relax! It's so much easier to feel like to ships passing when you know you have a day together soon! 
Friday kicked off our last workshop... We had just under 80 franchisees visiting from around the nation. It was our biggest weekend. Friday night we all headed out for bowling & great food. Then Saturday the sessions resumed. My presentation wrapped up around 3pm and I called it a weekend! I headed home to spend some much needed time with my husband and then we headed out to dinner with my mother in law and father in law! BJ's 2 for $20! So yummy! It was a great evening!!! Sunday we slept in and just enjoyed the crisp fall morning, cozy in our down comforter... Seriously I could've stayed there all day!!! And then we headed to Cascade to The Wines of CO, to have lunch by the river, under the fall trees. It was perfection!... Besides the cruelty of taking a pregnant woman to a winery ;) ha! We wrapped up the day catching most of the Bronco's game with Jack and Kathy, enjoying Kathy's homemade potato soup! It was another perfect fall moment ♥

Tonight, we grabbed some Italian take out and are enjoying a much needed night in... looking forward to our Monday night shows and of course playoff baseball!

On the pregnancy front... we are now at 22 weeks and a few days! ...entering into the sixth month!!! Nothing too new... she keeps moving higher and I don't really feel like the bump is getting bigger... it's just more out front! Ironically, since she's moved a big higher, my non-maternity jeans are still fitting! Crazy! I literally did a double take today as I walked by a window!  The small cantaloupe I've seemed to pick up under my tshirt still seems so odd!  I've felt so great that I honestly forget I'm pregnant until I feel her moving around or I see myself in the mirror! Loving every second!!! ♥ I feel so blessed to be living such a life full of love...it doesn't get much better than this! We fall more and more in love with one another and more and more in love with our baby girl, every day!!!

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