just when you think you know...

one thing i've learned in life: just when you think you understand love or know what it is... it comes right up and surprises you.  for me, it's always been in a good way (well, at least the past 5 years or so). 

when i think back on what i knew of love or thought i knew of love before Rob... it's almost laughable! i believe our culture does a really bad job for young girls/women and their expectations of love.  its either storybook fairy tales or nothing.  well, i'm here to tell you, you can have that fairy tale! sure, you may not be wearing a princess ball gown everyday. you probably aren't going to have little mice talking to you and making dresses for you. and some days you might not even like one another... BUT you can always be one another's biggest fans and ALWAYS be in love.  it's truly about perspective!

as i walked into our cozy home last night, as i got home from work, to our fireplace, candles, a clean/organized home (my amazing hubby is also nesting!!! & i love it!), & a prime rib dinner waiting on me... i couldn't help but think, yep. this is it. my life. & it's pretty stinking amazing! granted, not all of our evenings look like this... some are made up of frozen pizza, football/baseball on tv... but i love those evenings too!! & if that wasn't enough, i love how i can clearly see Rob's love for our baby girl growing on a daily basis! it truly melts my heart! ♥

i've had my share of heartbreak/heartache over the years looking for my mr. right. but once i found him that didn't matter! it's as if all of that was another lifetime ago... so far in my past that i really have to dig through the cobwebs to find those memories of hurt. i'm so thankful for the road God took us both down to get us to where we are, and to show me what true love is! so very thankful for this beautiful love i've been so undeservingly blessed with!

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