h-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n....throwback thursday, vol. 8

i've never been much on halloween. even as a kid, i'd dress up and sure it was fun...but i guess i never got too excited about it like most kids.  my holidays have always been thanksgiving and christmas.

my coworkers laughed when i told them we'd probably stay home, turn the lights off, order take out, and watch a scary movie.  they are convinced my outlook will change once we have a little one... but i don't think it will. sure if she wants to go trick-or-treeting, we'll take her...but i hope she doesn't put a tremendous focus on halloween either. dressing up is fun...but holidays are meant to be about family and togetherness and represent something.  i hope i can pass that on to her ♥

but, i will say... i do like carving pumpkins and candy, HA!

here is a glimpse of some halloweens past...

2008, our first pumpkin we carved together ♥

Princess Lea-Lilly ♥ 2008

2008, carving our pumpkin

2007, me & my Mel ♥

2011 ♥



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