gotta love it!!

so i don't think i have yet to blog about my obsession with shoes.  i've gotten better... call it adult hood, call it growing up and being more money conscious, call it whatever you'd like...but really my collection isn't quitttte as big as it use to be. but. the obsession is still there.  there was a time when if i was having a bad day, you'd know where to find me... in the shoe section at nordstrom! i kid you not! even just trying them on makes for a happier me :) 

all this to say i was SUPER excited when our baby girl got a package in the mail yesterday from her Auntie Ro-Ro.  Rachelle and I have been friends since we were 11.... so yes, a long time ;) and if anyone shares my love of shoes, it's her ♥  in her own words, "every little girl needs sparkly pink shoes!" and I happen to agree whole heartedly!! so, baby girl not only got her first pair of toms BUT also sparkly princess shoes, all rolled into one... which is beyond blog worthy! which also pretty much also sums up me and Ro... a little bit girly and a little bit tom-boy, which is totally how i plan on raising our sweet little gal! i always want her to know its fun to dress up and it's also fun to play in the dirt! ♥

needless to say, i cannot wait to put these on her cute little feet!!! they're so tiny... they fit in the palm of my hand! seriously, quite possibly, the cutest shoes ever!!!

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