friday letters, vol. 2 & week 23+ update

sheesh, i've been slacking. i'm almost 24 weeks and posting week 23, HA & no bump pictures were even taken this week! life has been blissfully busy this week!

grandma & grandpa T are in town for a few weeks.  they drove out from CA and will stay until my baby shower the end of the month.  it is so fun to have them here! so, we spent most of the weekend hanging out with them :)  saturday morning, i had the opportunity to play model. over a month ago i had a lady walk up to me in target and tell me she wanted to use me in her portfolio. after a few phone calls, i decided to give it a go. it was a fun morning of getting pampered! sunday we hung out with the family some more and then i headed to, yet, another baby shower.  so fun to have friends expecting the same time as i am! the rest of our week has been fun filled with having people over to dinner and going over to friends house for dinner.  we were able to spend some good quality time with our dear Cartons last night... the boys let Autumn and I whoop up on them in euchre.

the belly continues to grow and has recently in the last couple of days become a food catcher.... i've never been one to drop food or drip it on myself when i eat, but apparently that's a new thing?! haha. we got nothing but praises and good reports from our doctor on monday. baby girl is growing healthy and strong! i experienced a first "hm, i can't do that anymore..." a couple days ago.  i was putting laundry away and threw my pants up on the top shelf of the closet... well, attempted to throw them up there (my arms stretching above my head AND i have to jump to usually get them up there...). it did not work. it did however result in me running and crawling on the bed screaming in pain! apparently my muscles are stretching so much that any extra stretch was NOT ok... it was still sore yesterday... and guess where baby girl insisted on kicking me all day... yep. you guessed it ;)

dear sweet girl,
with each day that passes i get more and more excited to meet you!
but yet at the same time, i know i'm going to miss your little love kicks 
to me all day long. and speaking of!...
your kicks get stronger and cuter each and every day!
last night at dinner you were kicking me
so hard it was unreal! you are so strong, little one! mommy's
doctor was laughing at you this week, as she
was trying to listen to your heartbeat... you were
so active, all she could hear for awhile were your squirms in 
mommy's tummy.  she warned us that you are super feisty.
we wouldn't expect anything less... already your mommy's girl!
we love you beyond words, sweet girl!
♥, your mommy

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