Friday Letters, vol. 1

I hoped to start a new series of blogging called "friday letters", to our baby girl when we finally decided on a name... well, I'm well past the half way point in our pregnancy an still no name... soooo... without further ado:

dear baby girl.
i cannot believe how much love we already have for you.
it consumes my heart on a daily basis. i absolutely love feeling your little or not so little movements through out the day.  my favorite... when i'm sitting in meetings all day and can feel the little pitter-patter of your feet in my side. it steals my heart. 
your daddy loves you so much too! you'll soon learn, he doesn't show emotion often...but i can tell he is getting excited to meet you.  the laughter that flowed out of him when he felt you kick his hand for the first time, well, let's just say it was priceless and a moment your mommy will never forget. 
he is already so wonderful at providing for you; whether it's making sure mommy eats somewhat healthy, or running after your baby swing that is 20 miles away... he's already there for you sweet girl. you are so blessed. we are so blessed. ♥

Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices. Psalm 16:9

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