for some reason it never ceases to amaze me that there is such a deep correlation between our relationship with Christ and our relationship with our spouse. i'm not sure why this continues to leave me awe struck... after all, it's laid out for us in scripture, that we shall love one another as Christ loves the church and submit to one another as we do to Christ. 

as i read a blog that i subscribe to daily, today... i was reminded of this.  it's a wonderful blog of daily prayers.  today's prayer was focused on forgiving our husbands. i feel this is so important in marriage... forgiveness. and more importantly, the best kind of forgiveness... the kind that isn't asked for. i'm blessed with a husband who actively forgives me on a minute by minute basis! often times, even when i can get a bit snappy, he doesn't even blink... he just goes right on loving me! i strive to do the same for him. sure in marriage there are times the thing that needs forgiving is greater than a snappy attitude, but non the less... God calls us to forgive.

"love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit" -Peter Ustinov.

i pray that over the course of our lives together, God continues to protect our relationship & supply us with gratitude and grace for one another. ♥

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