dressing the bump...

from a first time mom, who started showing pretty early on... because as my husband says, where else did the baby have to go but out?!...i've enjoyed the fun of the different pregnancy styles and experimenting with incorporating my maternity and non-maternity clothes!

i really have loved that i started showing a bit early! i started showing a little bump around 16weeks, and then really popped around 20weeks.  to me it means i've gotten to enjoy all aspects of pregnancy for longer and the whole looking fat not pregnant phase was pretty short for me.  it also means our sweet baby girl is growing healthy and strong and really, who can't adore that?! sure, i miss my flat tummy days, and have a freak out moment every once in awhile when i have a hard time buttoning my non-maternity pants, but my husband likes teasing me, asking me what size those non maternity pants are & quickly reminds me that i'm pretty darn lucky to be 6 1/2 months pregnant and still wearing my size 0 pants... even if some days they are hard to button and require a belly band!  i get a lot of comments on HOW i still dress "normal" even though i'm pregnant...

so some things i've learned about dressing the bump so far:

use your resources!! graciously accept hand-me-downs! i've been so blessed by a cousin who just had a baby a few months ago and a friend who gave me BOXES of maternity clothes. i've picked up like one pair of pants and a couple of t-shirts, but really that's all the money i've spent on maternity clothes!
mix and match! i promise there are things in your everyday closet that will work for maternity as well! this will also expand your wardrobe choices.
maternity clothes are typically more flattering! i wear a combo of maternity/non-maternity clothes often, but there are some of the non-maternity clothes i've learned to stay away from.  empire waste shirts/dresses are a killer to the figure! they are basically a throwback to the days pregnant women wore tents! sure, at first you might think they help camouflage the bump, but if you have a short torso like me... well, you will just feel wide and dumpy!
hair tie vs. belly band... i have a few belly bands i've put to use and i love them! i do prefer the cotton ones vs the spandex material ones.  i have both and the spandex material ones seem to crawl (but don't get me wrong... i use them still, ha!). hair tie... i haven't used that method much. i honestly find the bands so much more comfortable and easy to use! plus they help make shirts longer too!
leggings! never under estimate the power of leggings, ha! they help turn your cute short summer dresses into a cute outfit with a cardigan! i've also picked up a few pairs of the patterned/textured tights which i also love. & another bonus... they don't have to be maternity!!... just fold those puppies down under the belly!

really, i've had a lot of fun pair and mix and matching!! hopefully it will stay this fun as i get larger ;)

non-maternity sweater dress, paired with textured tights, boot socks, a fun braided belt, and boots!

non-maternity flowy shirt, with non maternity corduroy pants

maternity t-shirt, paired with non-maternity jacket & jeans, boots and a fun scarf

maternity work pants paired with non-maternity shirt and cardigan with a
fun belt and scarf!

maternity t-shirt with a non-maternity plaid long sleeve button up
*i'm a fan of pairing maternity t's with non-maternity stuff!

all non maternity! ... except the black belly band you see peeking out

maternity top with a non maternity cardigan and belt!

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