a special throwback; throwback thursday, vol.7

as promised a week or so ago... a special throwback. as our chapter in California has officially come to a close, I've been meaning to blog about it a bit. So this throwback isn't going to have pictures... just my thoughts.

California represents to me a time of personal growth and a time that God took me from where I was and put me where I (& He) wanted to be.

I was a little sad as Jack and Kathy sold their home and are using their other home there as a rental...both of which hold meaning to me; i actually lived in them both! Their Fullerton home was the first home that the boys lived in... Rob was just a tiny baby when they moved into their home in Anaheim, so really that is the only home he remembers living in growing up.

The Anaheim home is where I met Rob for the first time. It's where his childhood memories took place. It's where we spent a lot of time with our friends, as friends. It's where I was officially invited over as his "girlfriend" for dinner with his parents. It's where we spent many a date night, hanging out watching movies together. It's where we celebrated our wedding vows, in the back yard. And It's where Jack and Kathy graciously let us live with them for a few months, saving all of our income to move to CO. If the walls of that house could talk... it would speak of love and laughter, family and treasured moments, family prayer; lots of pinochle, lots of games, wild turkey shots, tears and growth.

The Fullerton house... that's where Rob and his Grandpa Len taught me to play pinochle at a family function, before we were us.  It's where I sat on the couch as the sweet family I held so dear went through the unimaginable, the loss of a family member. It's where we celebrated Kolb family Christmases.  And it's where Grandma Nina and I became roommates... I cherished every moment of that year I lived with her! It's where we spent many a days in the pool or many an evening sitting with our feet in the water, talking, drinking a glass of wine and laughing about men - comparing Grandpa Len and Rob ;) ... cherished memories!!!

Now that the chapter is closed on California, I can only reflect on what that chapter brought me: strength, a closer relationship with God, my college degree, love, family, the accomplishment of my goal of dog rescue, many true-treasured friends, and mostly... Rob! ♥  Sure there were nights of craziness, my wild side and my going out days...but honestly, those aren't what I treasure or remember.  It's the evenings by the outdoor fireplace with Rob, or carving pumpkins with him in the fall, nights with our friends playing games, or romantic sunsets on the beach with my man.

I find myself thankful for those times, but also anticipating even more better times here in Colorado! We have loved every second of our time here over the past year and a half! Now that more family has moved here and our family is growing... well, I just can't fathom the memories that are to be made! ♥

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