where were you when the world stopped turning...

i remember it like it were yesterday. September 11, 2001. 

I was living in Lawrence, KS at the time, working as a teacher at the university of Kansas child development center. I woke up just like any other day, flipped the tv on to watch the news as I got ready (this day broke that habit). 

The first plane had just flown into the first tower. It was chaos. Even on tv. No one knew what was going on. Was it an accident? Was it on purpose? All speculation at this point. I immediately called my mom. My dad travels a lot for work, so my first thought was him ( he was just fine). As I sat there watching the LIVE feed, talking to my mom on the phone... I watched as the second plane flew directly into the other tower. I don't   remember every word of my conversation with my mom, but I do remember this part, "oh, my gosh mom! Another plane just flew into the other building!!!! What is happening????"

i was twenty years old that day, when the world changed. all of a sudden, 3 hours away from my family seemed like an eternity! as i went to work, everything was in slow motion. since i worked on campus, everything was on high alert... well, the whole country was. trying to act "normal" and teach my class of 15 2&3 year olds was near impossible. all I wanted to do was mourn with our country! 

as teachers passed one another in the hallways, we would quietly ask what the other had heard as far as updates. it was hard not knowing what was going on... I had never wanted to listen to the radio so badly... But protecting the hearts of those children were more important! 

I hope and pray that September 11th will never go unforgotten! For those of us who knew life and the naivety of our country prior... It truly is the day our world stopped. 

Never forgotten! 


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