throwback thursday, blog style, vol. 6

throwing back to September, 2010.  Us. Celebrating our first week of marriage. Since we are coming up on our 3 year wedding anniversary... I figured it was only fitting to step back to this time....

as i look back on these two people i see two completely in love, naive, love birds... not much has changed, HA! he still gives me butterflies... he still makes me smile just walking into a room.  he can still make me laugh when i want to cry... and i fall more and more in love with him every passing day! but for SO many more reasons than he did 3 years ago....

we've learned so much since our first week... about our selves and about each other. really, we thought we knew one another so well... we had been friends for 4 years, dated for 2... what's left to learn about one another after 6 years, right?! wrong! what a wild ride we've been on since these pictures were taken.  that song, "life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride..." so fitting. we've had our ups and downs, our trials, our heartbreak.  some easier to get through than others... but no matter what... we have gotten through it... TOGETHER.  it has only made us stronger.  i honestly wouldn't trade any of it for anything.  the strength of our marriage just three years in is beyond measurable. we've learned to depend on each other, on our love, and on God. we never have to question the others loyalty or motives... they've been tested, tried and true!

our tried and true mottos...
• never go to bed angry
• always say "i love you" even when you're so mad you can't stand being in the same room... it's amazing the walls those three words tear down!
• never walk away... no matter how upset, mad, or angry you may be

... i plan on blogging closer to our anniversary the things Rob (& God) have taught me about myself and about marriage and just life in general over the past 3 years ♥ i'm so very blessed!!

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