...the anticipation...

patience has never been my strong suit.  i want something, i get it. maybe it's because i'm the youngest or maybe it's because i'm stubborn and a bit hard-headed... i like to think it's because i'm competitive and motivated ;)

i'm a pinterest addict. it's true. it feeds my planning and dreaming tendencies and also my love for quotes. i have been looking at nurseries a lot lately and i cannot wait to start planning baby T's! we already know the furniture will be white and the rocker is brown leather, so that's already been decided. but the theme and the colors and the colors of the walls... oh goodness.  bumper or no bumper (those breathable ones are just ugly!), we will need a rug (wood floors), how we we organize the closet, i want book racks, sigh... the list goes on! see. THIS. this is why i laugh when people act surprised that we are finding out the gender! i hear often, "isn't the new thing NOT to find out"... maybe? but who cares. i've never been one to just do the 'trendy' thing anyway.  plus. yellow. yellow is a big gender neutral color, and ever since my infant development class where i learned that yellow triggers the anxiety center of children's brains... resulting in a fussy, screaming infant and irritability in adults... why take the chance. where as colors with a touch of grey in them are more relaxing and soothing for infants. so yellow has never been an option.... there's a reason why pastels use to be the most popular baby colors! i'm leaning more toward a light aqua or even a light blue or green... who knows, maybe we'll leave the walls the light brown they are and just decorate with lots of color. i just can't wait to KNOW so we can have some direction! come onnnn Thursday!

people are actually starting to notice i'm pregnant. it's fun!! i mentioned last week that this weekend started our workshops for our franchises (every weekend for the next month we will have our "zee's" visiting from all over the country! its so fun... and exhausting!).  it was great to see some of them who hadn't seen me since before... the first one to congratulate me... it took me a second to realize why she was saying congratulations, haha! she was seriously the first person to notice that didn't know already, if that makes sense. she laughed and told me how could anyone not know... as she believes i was a size negative 4 before i got pregnant...not quite ;) but i was flattered still the same!

we completed week 19 today! heading into week 20... seems unreal that we are half way there. it's already going by so fast. i'm truly enjoying every second! i've had the best pregnancy so far; i'm so blessed! i'm still go back and forth between maternity and non maternity clothes... it's nice to still be in both. the maternity ones just fit so much better and i feel are more flattering. slight heartburn is new on the agenda lately... but i've also been eating things such as spicy bean dip, qdoba with the habanero salsa... that's probably not helping.  it hasn't been extreme yet, just a new development. i should probably go buy some tums to have just in case! rob and i both had lots of dark hair when we were born, so i knew this was coming...i know its just a wives tale, but from everyone i've talked to it seems pretty accurate!

rob and i celebrate 3 years of marriage on Wednesday! that also doesn't seem possible! we don't really have anything planned... keeping it low key this year. no gifts. nothing fancy! we'll see if we actually stick to that this year - we failed at it last year ;) so, yep, it's a big week for us! let's get this show rollin'!

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