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what an amazing week we've had!! wednesday we celebrated 3 amazing years of marriage! and then today we found out we are having the most precious, perfect, baby girl!! ♥

Our Anniversary: we had a wonderful day together.  we had decided awhile back that we weren't doing anything for one another for our anniversary... we were just saving our money.  we planned on going out to dinner and just having an intentional evening celebrating our relationship.  well, tuesday night we decided to go out for wings... on the way to b-dubs the hubs handed me a velvet jewelry bag... i opened it up to see the prettiest heart necklace, lined in black and white diamonds. LOVVVE it! i gave rob credit for being so sly to giving me an anniversary gift not actually on our anniversary.... thennnn, on wednesday before we headed out for our dinner reservations, he handed me two more bags.  one with 2 pairs of earrings the other with a ring that matched my necklace... wowzerz, this guy!!! he spoils me so much! we had a wonderful dinner and a great time just talking and spending time together!

TODAY! today, we headed to our doctor's office for our anatomy ultrasound.  the u/s tech asked us if we wanted to know, we said YES! she then proceeded to go over all of the baby's anatomy... looking at the heart, brain, lungs, and limbs.  she said baby T looks PERFECT... she kept oooing and awwing on how CUTE our baby is.  i'm sure she does this with all ultrasounds, but we agree ;)  so, yep, rob was right! we are having a GIRL!!! she weighs a whole 11ounces and everything is measuring right on track! we got a few different profile pictures, pictures of her little legs and feet, the all too obvious gender shot, her back/spine, and a head on face shot. she amazingly held fairly still for us to get some good pictures of her... she kicked her little legs a couple times, but rather than that she held super still for her photo shoot ♥

our little princess has been quite the character this week as she keeps thumping around inside of me... her newest trick this week was showing off her hiccup skills! she woke me up bright and early on wednesday morning with a constant thump, thump... it was the cutest and most wonderful thing.  it had me giggling!!! we are already so in love with her!! it's truly amazing to see such a beautiful and perfect being that is forming and growing inside of me... i'm so blessed!!!!

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