let's take a little walk....

in honor of our anniversary today, i just wanted to take a minute and post some of my favorite pictures/memories of our special day.... enjoy!

getting ready... ♥

my "moms" :)

my Mel... ♥

prayer with the ladies before walking down the isle... thanking God for our perfect day!


Rob and his guys!

flying V? ;)

this moment right here is why I was able to walk down the isle with the biggest smile on my face and not cry... we hadn't really thought through they whole, one person holding the door not working thing... i basically had to duck under Donald's arm. it was priceless!! so thankful for this... i now remember every second of walking down the isle and the look on Rob's face!

exchanging our private vows to "when i say i do" by matthew west... priceless. 

men. take note. fist pump as you're walking down the isle. it will make your wife's... LIFE!

this picture is so us. so much more than the posed, staged pics!

again, just us, being us... not posed. ♥ my favorites!

of course they were a part of our day!

a lot of special people!! our family!

♥ us, matt, leah, & levi ♥

walking in to our reception...

then we danced...

little convo with the girls...

our table for 2

apparently we didn't let go of each other's hand all day... i don't remember, but here's proof!

no cake... just Hawaiian shaved ice

one of my absolute favorites!

happily ever after.....

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