hello 21weeks!

it's so weird to have more time behind me than in front of me until i get to hold my sweet little gal!!! i really do think i fall more and more in love with this baby everyday, with every kick and punch or ache and pain... she steals my heart over and over!
today, i'm a little over 21 weeks... headed for 22.  we had an eventful weekend! i got a break from workshops this weekend...our last one is this coming weekend.  one of rob's long time best friends came and visited this weekend. they had a lot of fun hiking and just hanging out! i know rob was sad to see him head back to CA yesterday.  in other news, Jack is here... finally... here to stay!!! he got everything squared away in CA and drove out here for good yesterday.  it honestly pulls at my heart a bit that our chapter in CA has officially closed.  a lot of amazing memories our tied to those homes... maybe that will be my throwback thursday post soon ;) anyway... also this past weekend, Kathy and I stopped by a HUGE baby/kids consignment sale... a whole exhibition center FILLED with baby things! it was amazing & overwhelming, but we got some great deals! i got a few outfits for our girl, a carseat cover for those cold winter days, and a crib toy that i had been wanting for her!... all for eleven bucks! huge score!

i mentioned last week that i felt like the bump had slowed down... well, i swear she grew overnight this weekend!! i can almost feel her moving higher... which who knew that was even possible, as i was already carrying her high.  my ribs are starting to expand as well (at least my hips are getting a break).  you will see me stretching from side to side trying to relieve some expanding ouchiness. she continues to keep me laughing at how active she is! it's so cute! she seems to have figured out the day vs. night thing lately... so nice! she was waking me up at night with how active she is... now she seems to sleep or at least hang out in the back during the night.  as soon as my feet hit the ground she's awake and kicking her little feet!
one of our guys turned in a request to me for some time off in March... it stopped me in my tracks, as i thought, wow... i will be on my maternity leave when he's gone :) so very excited!!! everyone keeps telling me it flies by here on out! i can't wait to hold my precious baby! ♥ 

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