Good for the Soul.

This weekend, we were so blessed to be able to get away to the mountains with our extended family! It was a great time filled with quiet, relaxation, games, praying together, fishing, bbq-ing, bonfire, and camping! We came back relaxed and ready for fall.
Today our focus was more relaxation and just some down time before heading back to work this week.  We slept in, watched some TV in bed, and headed out to Starbucks and shopping.  Rob surprised me by taking me to Jared's Jewelers to pick out a baby charm for my pandora bracelet! We chose the cute little baby carriage, as we will get a gender specific charm when we find that out in a few weeks :) Then we were able to spend some good quality time with more family, hanging out with Matt & Leah and the kids!

Here is a little glimpse into our weekend in pictures:

On our way to the Mountains! 

The guys built us a nice bonfire.  It was a great end to summer/beginning to fall!

We woke up in our tent, I unzipped the little "window" and saw this amazingness... I really do think i could live in a tent in the middle of a field. sigh...
us. cuddling in our tent on Sunday morning. so cozy! it rained quite a bit that night...so thankful for a good tent that kept us dry and cozy ♥ and the rain... holy moley, it kept me awake, but in a good way. i was in heaven, listening to the little pitters on our tent! waking up to the smell of fall and the crispness in the air isn't something i'll soon forget!

Rob's view out of his side of the tent. ♥

fishing! ahem... i was the winner of our fishing competition ;) i was also the only one that caught a fish out of the six of us, haha. my Grandfather Stratton would be proud, lol.

it was truly a breathtaking day! i could've sat by that lake with a fishing pole all day!

hello, friends!

today. today i was spoiled a little more than usual ;)  love that man!

hahaha... pretty typical. a great picture to wrap up the holiday weekend ♥ sure do love him!

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