countdown, T-minus three days!!

so, remember how i said we hadn't talked about boy or girl... and we were trying not to form expectations or opinions...

well. that ended last night. the hubs broke ;) HA! out of nowhere, right in the middle of the bronco's game, he blurts out, "i know what we're having". my response... "what??!!!". you see, i've been asking him for some time now if he had any feelings toward this subject. he's always denied it... last night it came bubbling out, hahaha, and i loved it! although, (of course) we disagree.  if i had to guess, i'd say babyT is a boy.  i learned a long time ago though that Rob is usually right, so...

he's so sure he said we could go shopping and buy girl stuff if i wanted to!

so we shall see... rob is team pink, i'm team blue. of course we are going to be overjoyed no matter who is "right".  ♥

.... is it Thursday yet????

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