claiming the Blood of the Lamb.

yep, once again... 2 blogs in one day. but my devotional i blogged about previously was just way too good not to blog about today!

the main focus, claiming the blood of the Lamb over our home and over our children.  most of us know the often told/preached scripture regarding the passover.  this time and moment in history is one of my all time favorites. what an amazing testimate to how our loving father covers us, provides for us, fights for us, and is just... Him! not to mention how prophetic this was at this time in history.  the men of Israel were actually protecting their son, with the blood of the LAMB.  it leaves me with goosebumps... every time. if you aren't familiar with this scripture... check it out here... exodus 12

yes, Christ came and ultimately covered us all with his blood. the one true Lamb. however, we must continue to claim the blood of Christ as a protective covering over our homes and our children.  praying for our child and our future children, claiming the blood of Jesus over them, protecting them from the one who wants to destroy the souls of children who are unprotected.

thankful and confident in the love of Christ and the power of His blood!!!

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