a glimplse back...

i took a second today and read over some of my old blog entries. what a trip. it's one reason i love blogging/journaling.  you get to see vividly. right there in front of you. in black and white... your journey.  as i read an entry i couldn't help but be a bit emotional...

this entry here!

please keep in mind a month prior to that entry, we had lost a sweet baby to a miscarriage.  it rocked my world, my beliefs, and basically just the way i looked at life.  it changed me. 

what about made me loose it emotionally after reading this entry... i looked up at the date. the 25th of May.  FIVE days later, the 30th, is when I got my first positive pregnancy test letting us know that we were expecting our sweet, perfect, baby girl. i remember writing this entry and honestly wondering if motherhood was in my future.  it is amazing and awesome to me that even while i was writing that, pouring my heart out, God was forming this precious baby.  ♥

just a reminder, that when you think hope might possibly be lost...chances are God's already working on his next miracle!

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